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We are the Project development team of Aamani Spaces Ltd. We have qualified and enthusiastic Architect, Civil engineers, Surveyors, Site supervisors and 3D visualizers in our team. The good design initiates from a devoted staff and a creative team of professionals who are committed to giving their clients nothing less than excellence. Our team is dedicated to completing each project through a unique balance of exceptional design, cost-effective and functional solutions. Innovation, Creativity, Honesty, Accountability and Integrity are our core values. From the initiation of a project to the very end, our philosophy is built around keeping our customers involved and satisfied with our services. At the start of a project, our project team first identifies the specific programmatic requirements and then develops innovative solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of each unique project. Our design studio is committed to the notion of environmentally sustainable, responsible architecture which lead to a whole-of-site approach aiming to develop regionally responsive architectures. We believe that a building should be fun, friendly and forever adaptable. Our management philosophy is rooted in the belief that a collaborative and fair approach is a must to ensure high quality and timely implementation with the best possible resources. We employ our expertise to shape customer's dreams. Excellence in execution and implementation is the essence of our existence. Further, we believe in investing in knowledge, research and the exploration of new ideas as they are the basis of great design and vital to the continued journey inspired by our ambition.

Features of our Projects:

We are working towards organic architecture; an attempt to integrate the spaces into a coherent whole: a relation between the site and the structure. Dwellings with modern and unique design with extension of pleasant landscapes. All building structures have been designed with economy according to the natural principles of geometrical relationships and the unadulterated use of appropriate materials. We are working towards green building standards with a view to preventing wastage of natural resources and destruction of landscapes. From the planning stage to occupancy, we are committed to protecting the environment through green building techniques like :

  • ➨ Maximum use of Recycled and Environmental Friendly Building Materials.

  • ➨ Efficient use of Water and the advance technique of Water Harvesting.

  • ➨ Balanced or slightly positive ventilation which keeps outdoor pollutants from being drawn into the house, prevents back drafting or spillage from combustion appliances and also prevents moisture migration into structural cavities.

  • ➨ By designing walkways, and patios that allow water to runoff into the ground.

  • ➨ Use of heat reflective materials with high SRI value to reduce heat gain inside the house.

  • ➨ Xeriscape landscaping with native & drought tolerant plantings in site.

  • ➨ Use of Un-compacted gravel, crushed stone and open or porous paving blocks for other light traffic areas.

  • ➨ Use of Solar street lights and windmills to utilize wind energy.

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